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Joyce Stamp LillyJoyce Stamp Lilly is a Registered Nurse and Lawyer who has been representing nurses in front of the Texas and Rhode Island Boards of Nursing since 2001. Joyce Stamp Lilly worked as a nurse in acute and community settings including: Medical, Surgical, and Psychiatric settings. She is familiar with the culture of Nursing and understands many of the problems facing nurses today.

Presented in this website are general concepts and suggestions relevant to any Investigation by any State Board of Nursing. This is not a legal site. This site is here for general advice about how a nurse may respond to an Investigation. While the processes may be similar from state to state, you should always consult with your own State Board of Nursing regarding specific questions, obligations, and timing deadlines.

It is very important to present a complete picture of the nurse who is under investigation by a State Board of Nursing. It is not enough to send a short statement that the allegation is untrue, the nurse must present other facts and a statement that explains other pertinent issues to the State Board. The response should be well-written and concise in its explanation.

With this website, Joyce Stamp Lilly has gathered documents that offer examples of what to include in Responses and offers written explanations and suggestions regarding the process of responding to a State Board Investigation.

Here you will find Joyce Stamp Lilly’s perspective about the process, examples of Responses, and additional information that she believes is important to present to your State Board of Nursing.

We hope that with the suggestions and discussion offered in this site, you can create a Response that puts your argument forward to your State Board in the best light possible.

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Not A Legal Site

This is not a legal website, but is here for suggestions and written consultation only.

Joyce Stamp Lilly encourages nurses to hire legal counsel, however, if a nurse is unable or unwilling to retain an attorney, this site is here to give information that will be helpful in this endeavor.

Even if you have hired an attorney, this site is helpful to assist you in understanding the process.

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