Nursing Complaint

Your license is a valuable item of property that you have worked years to obtain. Nursing is a respected career, one of the highest and trusted rankings in the country.

You are a Nurse, LVN, or RN, Advanced Practice, Clinical Specialist, whatever the case may be, your State Board of Nursing has control over your license.

If you have received a Notice of Investigation, you must act quickly to develop a plan for responding.

You must understand that the State Board of Nursing is not there for you, they are there to protect the citizens of your state. They are a function of State Government, put in place by the Legislature, who develop statutes governing the Board of Nursing. As a result of the statutory origin of state Boards of Nursing, the Boards develop rules and regulations to monitor licensing and ensure safe nursing practice.

This site has been developed to assist you in understanding the process and to be a tool for you to build a knowledge base so that you can work with your attorney, or on your own, to deliver the best possible response to the Board of Nursing investigation of your practice.

We recommend consulting and hiring an attorney to represent you in this process, but if you cannot afford an attorney, or if you chose to represent yourself, you must start with some basic information, which is what you will get when you enter this site.



Disclaimer: This is Not a Legal Site

THIS IS NOT A LEGAL SITE, but is here for you to consult, to explain the process in a general way and to suggest things to keep in mind as you respond to a Board of Nursing Investigation. Even if you retain an attorney the information in this site will help you understand the process moving forward. Generally, nurses have no experience with their State Board, and as we all know, information and knowledge is power.

Every state has its own Board of Nursing, and each Board will have perhaps similar, but unique rules that you must follow. Once you enter this site you will see that we discuss in general what the process is and we offer suggestions regarding your endeavor to put your best foot forward in responding to a Board of Nursing Investigation.

We offer general information, advice about how to write a Response and what to include in the Response packet. Most nurses get no education about this in school or at their workplace, so this is the place to start.


Again, remember, this is not to be considered a legal site, we are not offering legal advice, but sharing information with you that will give you some background and knowledge about responding to an investigation.
Lets get started!