Nursing Complaint

Nursing License Problems

What can you do if your nursing license is in jeopardy or is revoked?

Every state has its own Nursing Practice Act and if you violate standards or obligations that you have under the Act, the Board can force you to follow stipulations in an Order, or they can even revoke your license. There are numerous violations that can result in your license being revoked by the Board of Nursing, including certain criminal convictions, some types of gross negligence, actions that cause serious harm or death. Generally, most nursing investigations do not result in a revocation, but if you do not respond to an investigation by your state Board of Nursing, eventually your State Board may revoke your license, even if the original allegation was relatively minor.

If you receive an allegation or complaint against your nursing license it is imperative that you respond to the Board of Nursing. You may believe that the complaint is untrue, unfair, or a result of a personality conflict. No matter the reason, you must respond to your State Board of Nursing.

If your license is revoked, it could be due to a clerical error, or that you neglected to change your mailing address or email address with the Board of Nursing. Generally, if this is the case, you may be able to straighten this out on your own with the Board.

However, if you have a serious criminal offense, or repeated drug or alcohol offenses, you should contact an attorney to assist you with this matter of great importance.

We have developed the website for nurses who do not want to hire a lawyer but need to respond to a State Board of Nursing investigation, and there is helpful information and sample documents within the site for that process.

The best way to prevent a nursing license revocation is to take the steps during an investigation that are necessary to prevent it from ever happening. Join today, we can help you through the process.

For a particular State’s Rules and Regulations regarding revocation, and the process for reinstatement, it is advisable to hire an attorney if you are confused about the steps you need to take for reinstatement.