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Nursing Complaint

Your State Board of Nursing Complaints and Violations: General Information

Information about Nursing Complaint

If you receive a letter from your state’s Board of Nursing stating that they believe you may have violated the state’s Nursing Practice Act, you will be devastated. This is a very upsetting letter to receive and your response be a priority.

When accused by your state Board of Nursing of any violations, you must not delay in making a plan of action. It is advisable to consult with legal counsel. Having a lawyer does not mean admission of guilt, it is also no guarantee that the allegation will be considered to be unfounded and dismissed.

If you cannot find an experienced lawyer, or if you decide not to retain legal counsel, please visit to learn about the Investigation process, see videos, read informative content, and download examples of responses and various correspondence with Boards of Nursing.

You need to understand that your state’s Board of Nursing is not there to help you, they are there to protect the people living and getting healthcare in your state.

Your state’s Board of Nursing seeks to uphold the quality of nurses under their jurisdiction. If they receive a complaint, their obligation and goal is to complete a thorough investigation and evaluation of the allegations.

The Investigation process is an important process for you to understand so that you may protect and safeguard your nursing license. Visit today to learn about the Investigation process, which generally is similar from state to state.

Your state’s Board of Nursing is a governmental agency and is formed as a result of the State Legislature’s authority to create governmental agencies. Your state Board of Nursing is in place to ensure that every nurse holding a license in your state is competent to practice nursing safely. The Board of Nursing in your state issues licenses, regulates the practice of nursing, and oversees nursing education programs and courses across the state. The Board of Nursing’s mission generally is to promote the welfare and wellbeing of every person living in your state, and the goal is that the people in your state will be safeguarded as a result of your State Board of Nursing oversight.

Visit today to learn about this very important investigatory process.